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Medical Billing Services

For billing services of all sizes, CollaborateMD truly makes the billing process easier and more profitable by helping optimize the revenue lifecycle. With the ability to file both professional and institutional claims, and with access to a wide variety of time-saving features inside our Internet software and payment portal, CollaborateMD offers the fastest and most affordable way to help billing services better serve their customers.

“I appreciate CollaborateMD's efforts in making their product effective and efficient in use. Thanks to CollaborateMD for all you do to make third-party billing a breeze!”

-- Billing Service Owner, South Carolina

By using our sophisticated Internet-based medical billing software, you will get more work done in less time. With a single login and access from anywhere, you and your clients can have the freedom and control you've always wanted in a medical billing solution.

Plus, to help you provide the highest level of customer service, you'll have exclusive CollaborateMD practice management tools to offer your clients, which will help streamline front office workflow and communications with patients, pharmacies, labs and hospitals. Our suite of tools includes, but is in no way limited to:

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Video Testimonials