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Intelligent Revenue Cycle Management Features

Innovative and Intelligent Revenue Cycle Features

Real-Time Claim Submission
Real-Time Claim Submission gives you on-demand visibility into your claim. Now, you can rest assured your accepted claims are on their way to the Payer, and rejected claims can be quickly corrected, within seconds of submission. No longer do you have to wait until the next morning to see which claims were accepted or rejected!

Report Snap & Share
Report Snap & Share allows you to take a snapshot and save a report directly in CollaborateMD, as well as share reports with users across your account. Now, you can easily view the same results with offices and staff. Report Snap & Share helps avoid exporting reports, emailing unsecure data, and eliminates screen share sessions. Now, you have real-time saved report results and shared user(s) will instantly gain access to the same report, with the same filters, and with the same results.

Enhanced Patient Insurance Management
Managing multiple insured parties and insurances has been a challenge when billing tertiary payers, or managing multiple insured parties under one single patient. Check out these below v9.4 Sneak Peeks and see how CollaborateMD puts these challenges in the past and gives you unlimited access to add, edit and archive multiple insurances and insured, all from one single patient account!

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Video Testimonials
Video Testimonials