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Why was CollaborateMD Started?

Why Started Online Medical Software Company

CollaborateMD was founded in 1999 by Douglas Kegler, CEO, to help medical practices and medical billing services thrive in the jungle of ever changing government and insurance payer regulations without having to spend a fortune on software, support, and hardware. Our mission was simple one: provide a software solution where we handle all of the hardware and software components (software, servers, backups, clearinghouse communication, regulations, etc.) and allow our users to concentrate on their business, all at an affordable price.

In addition to making life better for our users through improved efficiency, we also wanted our solution to provide a cost savings. We didn't believe that healthcare businesses should have to pay $50,000 upfront for a solution that didn't improve their operations or provide a return on investment. We accomplished this through our simple and affordable pay-as-you-go pricing plans with no setup fees. Included in our pricing plans are frequent software updates and unlimited access to our support rock star's who are available to help you be successful.

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and all of us at CollaborateMD look forward to providing technology solutions that make your tomorrow a better one.


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Douglas Kegler, Founder & CEO

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