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Tools for Financial Diagnostics of Your Practice

Financial Diagnostic

Within the current economic climate, physician practices require additional tools to achieve their financial goals. The Financial Diagnostic tool provides complete visibility into the financial performance of your business. With access to complete claim and remittance data, users can analyze operational and financial performance to understand trending and make appropriate optimizations to work less and get paid faster, period.

Key performance indicators are displayed in a dashboard, with drill-down capabilities, offering an end-to-end view of the revenue cycle using data compiled from a rolling 13-month period. The performance indicators help isolate problem areas and provide opportunities to address and quickly resolve them.

Features of Financial Diagnostics include:

Quickly see how your claim dollars and submission time are trending and take action when needed.

Instantly track exclusion rates and reasons so you can make corrections and get your claims in the hands of payers.

Accelerate your claim payment by easily uncovering top payer rejects.

See your remittance dollar trends and where you have the opportunity to connect electronically with more payers.

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Video Testimonials